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#IrresistibleIsYou by _Givenchy _GivenchyBeauty. 💗  Irresistible Perfume, Lipstick and Pouch with l


Creating successful brand partnerships since 2017

Looking Up at Skyscrapers

Backed by over 13 years of industry experience, we know that just the traditional method of creating press releases simply will not cut it anymore for an increasingly tech-savvy audience. That is why we take an innovative, versatile approach to PR, partnering with an array of next-generation talent to maximise exposure for our clients. 

Our PR and marketing specialists utilise all available channels to further your reach, from traditional print and broadcast media to digital, social media, influencer partnerships, and viral events. All our services are designed to generate continued buzz, build your reputation with customers and maintain positive relationships with your stakeholders. 


To make your brand as successful as possible amongst the competition 


We are committed to offering complete support to your in-house marketing team as you diversify your brand marketing and communication strategies. With our years of expertise as PR professionals, we provide valuable solutions to our clients needs which in turn lead to fantastic results and ROI for the brands that work with us.

DPR-MGMT aims to be one of the biggest names among PR and influencer boutique agencies in London, with a roster that represents the biggest brands and influencer partnerships within the consumer markets in the UK.

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