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Don’t just advertise your brand, establish it as an opinion leader in the market

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How can PR & Communications take your brand to the next level? 

Unlike advertising, with high-volume paid media exposure, public relations allow for an opportunity to increase your coverage by targeting high-quality media outlets and personalities with established brand recognition. 

At DPR-MGMT, we act as doctors for your business, planning and executing bespoke strategies to repair, maintain and grow your brand reputation and authority as a trusted market leader. 


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Outsourcing PR

With our network of connections in the media industry and efficient PR tools, we have leading technology and access to profitable PR opportunities for your brand. Our team targets established major media outlets, whether online, print, or broadcast, to ensure that you get consistent, reliable reach among potential customers. 

Tier 1 press release distribution services

We will support your communications strategy through the creation and distribution of traditional and digital press releases. Our services include the creation of the release itself, distribution to major media press contacts, as well as nationwide distribution and follow-up about the buzz generated. 

Creative campaigns

From SEO-rich backlink building to negotiating lucrative influencer endorsement deals and campaign shoots, we can handle all aspects of creative campaign development for your brand. 

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